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December 6th: National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women

What: uOttawa Vigil marking the 30th Anniversary of the Polytechnique Massacre and the National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women   Where: Courtyard between the STEM Complex and Marion Hall, off Louis-Pasteur Private   When: Friday, December 6, 2019, at 4:30 p.m.  

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A collaboration between a pain scientist (Lorimer Mosely), a hipster pain physio (David Moen) and a professional communicator (Sam Chisholm). "Be brave and have hope, because it is possible to tame the beast". To get links, click on "Read More" below to the right!

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Biomedical Engineering Conference 2019

Recently, two of our undergraduate engineering students had abstracts accepted into the biomedical engineering conference 2019 that took place at the University of Ottawa on March 23/24th. This conference provided students with the opportunity to participate in entrepreneurship and academic competitions, seminars and networking opportunities. Check out their abstracts here

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The Simon Foundation for Incontinence

The Simon Foundation for Incontinence is an excellent resource for your questions and concerns about urinary and bowel incontinence. They are an organization dedicated to removing the stigma around incontinence and providing individuals with incontinence with the resources they need. Make sure to check out their latest research and scientific news and even subscribe to [...]

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Episiotomy Podcast

Another great episode of White Coat Black Art: it features an interview with Dr. Michael Klein who who ran the first RCT of episiotomies in Canada and has consistently been working to change how women and children are cared for during and after pregnancy throughout is career. Listen below!

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Sexual Health Needs of Women with Disabilities

This is a podcast done by CBC's White Coat Black Art, addressing the sexual health needs of women with disabilities and the gaps that need to be filled for women within the Canadian health care system. Doctors need to see women with disabilities as sexual beings.

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