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IPPS Conference – International Pelvic Pain Society – October 2019, Toronto

Dr.McLean really enjoyed attending as well as participating in this conference! She was in a roundtable discussion on musculoskeletal pain as well as presenting "Evaluation and Monitoring of Pelvic Floor Dysfunction: Intersection between Technology and Physical Exam". Dr.McLean seen here with session moderator Amy Stein (left), and Carolyn VanDyken (middle) who also presented in the Musculoskeletal Pain and Dysfunction Roundtable. For the link to the International Pelvic Pain Society's website, click "Read More" below!

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A collaboration between a pain scientist (Lorimer Mosely), a hipster pain physio (David Moen) and a professional communicator (Sam Chisholm). "Be brave and have hope, because it is possible to tame the beast". To get links, click on "Read More" below to the right!

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