IPPS Conference – International Pelvic Pain Society – October 2019, Toronto

Dr.McLean really enjoyed attending as well as participating in this conference! She was in a roundtable discussion on musculoskeletal pain as well as presenting "Evaluation and Monitoring of Pelvic Floor Dysfunction: Intersection between Technology and Physical Exam". Dr.McLean seen here with session moderator Amy Stein (left), and Carolyn VanDyken (middle) who also presented in the Musculoskeletal Pain and Dysfunction Roundtable. For the link to the International Pelvic Pain Society's website, click "Read More" below!

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Biomedical Engineering Conference 2019

Recently, two of our undergraduate engineering students had abstracts accepted into the biomedical engineering conference 2019 that took place at the University of Ottawa on March 23/24th. This conference provided students with the opportunity to participate in entrepreneurship and academic competitions, seminars and networking opportunities. Check out their abstracts here

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The Simon Foundation for Incontinence

The Simon Foundation for Incontinence is an excellent resource for your questions and concerns about urinary and bowel incontinence. They are an organization dedicated to removing the stigma around incontinence and providing individuals with incontinence with the resources they need. Make sure to check out their latest research and scientific news and even subscribe to [...]

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