Dr. Caroline Pukall – 2020-11-24

///Dr. Caroline Pukall – 2020-11-24
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2020-11-24 Dr.Caroline Pukall presented:

Creating an inclusive environment for sexually- and gender/sex-diverse populations

Dr. Caroline Pukall (she/her), an academic clinical psychologist, has been working with sexually- and gender/sex diverse populations for more than 20 years in her research and clinical activities. In this interactive presentation, she will introduce you to sexual and gender/sex diversity and provide you with advice on how to create a more inclusive research and/or clinical environment (e.g., using inclusive language, developing inclusive questionnaires/forms).


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Gender and sex inclusivity in research and clinical practice_2020


Please click the link below to download a page of resources that Dr. Pukall put together for us, which includes links for: gender neutral language; training resources to learn about various aspects of trans health; and some questionnaires that talk to sexual function for sexual minority women, as well as for men who have sex with men.

Link: resources_inclusive language



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