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Advancing knowledge in Women’s Health: Dr.Linda McLean

The University of Ottawa Office of the Vice President of Research and Innovation article featuring Dr. Linda McLean: click 'read more' below for clickable link!  

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Farewell and Thanks to Dr. Joanna Reeves, and Thanks to our Summer Contract Team!

We were able to (responsibly) gather last week to say thank you and farewell to Dr. Joanna Reeves, and thanks to our summer contract Team. Dr. Joanna Reeves is a post-doc hailing from England, and reached us via a posting at the University of Guelph.  She is doing important work on indwelling fine-wire electrodes.  Publication [...]

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Farewell to our beloved Marina!

This is what you get when you have a gathering of researchers who have backgrounds in engineering (biomedical mechanical and electrical), physiotherapy, sport and exercise science, and public health - proof that social distancing rules can be practiced while you enjoy each others company! If you haven't met Marina - she is a pelvic floor [...]

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Update on our UROP Scholarship Winners!

We want to acknowledge our Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program  (UROP) Scholarship winners for the hard and fine work they did!  The poster presentation is on hold, but we are shouting out to Spencer Korol (4th year Health Sciences), Zeina Mann (2nd year Biomechanical Engineering), and Junyi Wang (4th year Software Engineering) -- it is a [...]

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Fun in February 2020!

A look back to February 2020 when Dr. Joanna Reeves visited her friend and fellow researcher Dr. Susanne van der Veen at the Motor Control Lab at VCU (Virginia Commonwealth University).  The study involves using virtual reality as an intervention for participants with lower back pain to improve movement and address the fear of moving.  [...]

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Happy Birthday, Ana!

Ana is an incredible cook - her engineering brain works magic in the kitchen. We are all personally glad to see her with more tools for food creation!

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Pelvic Floor Research Day 2020 – Bon Voyage!

MFM Lab Team members head to Michigan to participate in the Pelvic Floor Research Day. Check out the Pelvic Floor Research Group at Michigan Medicine that hosts this wonderful gathering of minds and ideas!

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December 6th: National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women

What: uOttawa Vigil marking the 30th Anniversary of the Polytechnique Massacre and the National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women   Where: Courtyard between the STEM Complex and Marion Hall, off Louis-Pasteur Private   When: Friday, December 6, 2019, at 4:30 p.m.  

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Congratualtions to the UROP recipients, November 2019!

The MFM Lab is excited to be working with the following Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (UROP) Scholarship recipients:  Junyi Wang (4th year Software Engineering), Zeina Maan (2nd year Biomedical Mechanical Engineering), and Spencer Korol (3rd year Health Sciences). Congratulations! Click "Read More" below to Learn more about the UROP at U Ottawa! [...]

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IPPS Conference – International Pelvic Pain Society – October 2019, Toronto

Dr.McLean really enjoyed attending as well as participating in this conference! She was in a roundtable discussion on musculoskeletal pain as well as presenting "Evaluation and Monitoring of Pelvic Floor Dysfunction: Intersection between Technology and Physical Exam". Dr.McLean seen here with session moderator Amy Stein (left), and Carolyn VanDyken (middle) who also presented in the Musculoskeletal Pain and Dysfunction Roundtable. For the link to the International Pelvic Pain Society's website, click "Read More" below!

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