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Physical Activity and Urinary Incontinence in Women – RECRUITING

L'incontinence urinaire touche jusqu'à une femme canadienne sur cinq. Les stress induits sur le plancher pelvien lors d'activités à fort impact comme la course à pied sont associés à des rapports de fuites urinaires lors de ces activités. Cette expérience "d'incontinence urinaire à l'effort" conduit éventuellement les femmes à se retirer de ces activités, et l'inactivité peut entraîner des effets néfastes sur la santé plus tard dans la vie [...]


Ageing of the Pelvic Floor Muscles – RECRUITING

Clinicians and researchers know that our risk for developing pelvic floor disorders, such as urine leakage and prolapse, increases as we age. However, the impact of aging on the pelvic floor is still poorly understood. Our lab will be starting a new study to improve our understanding of age-related changes in [...]


Endometriosis: pain post-surgery – RECRUITING!

Is repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation effective in reducing endometriosis-associated pain? A pilot randomized control trial (RCT)  Endometriosis is an inflammatory chronic pain condition caused by uterine tissue growing outside of the uterus. Although this condition affects about 1 in 9 women, current knowledge about it is very limited. The substantial gap in [...]


Urinary Incontinence and Your Nerves – RESULTS PENDING!

Background (We are no longer recruiting - Please stay tuned for what we have learned!!)  Many women experience daily urine leakage which is also referred to as urinary incontinence and the most commonly reported among women is stress urinary incontinence, which is defined as the involuntary loss of urine during an [...]

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