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Due to the natural transient nature of our research hub, we have many amazing people coming and going, whether from a work term, completing a degree, or participating as a visiting researcher.  We wanted to keep a space to honour all of those who have worked with us to move the research forward!

Shainuka Kannathas

Research Assistant
Research Assistant2022-2023

Catriona Czyrnyj

Ph.D Biomedical Engineering
Ph.D Biomedical Engineering2014 - 2021

Catriona obtained her B.A.Sc. in 2014 in Mechanical Engineering and has been working in the MFM Lab since November 2015, where she completed her Master’s thesis in 2017. Catriona pursued her PhD in Biomedical Engineering under Drs. Linda McLean and Michel Labrosse, and her research focused on biomedical imaging, tissue mechanics, and biomechanics of the female urogenital system. Cat defended her thesis in 2021.

Cat is currently working as an R&D Engineer with Baylis Medical Technologies and teaches as a sessional lecturer in the Deportment of Engineering at the University of Toronto.

Ana Brennan

M.Eng - Biomedical Engineering
M.Eng - Biomedical Engineering2020 - 2022

As of April 2022, Ana successfully defended her MASc thesis, titled: “Design and Bench Validation of a Mechanical Intravaginal Dynamometer Mechanism”.

Ana is currently working as a Sustainment Engineer with WOW tech group.

Megan Vandermolen

M.Eng - Biomedical Engineering
M.Eng - Biomedical Engineering2020 - 2022

Megan successfully defended her MASc thesis, “Semi-Automated Detection of Bladder Neck Funnelling and Measurement of Posterior Urethrovesical Angle in Females” in April 2022.

Megan is currently working as an Analyst with Indigo Books.

Dr. Joanna Reeves

 Visiting Researcher - Post Doctoral
Visiting Researcher - Post Doctoral2020

Jo has just completed her PhD in biomechanics at the University of Salford, UK on the effect of foot orthoses on muscle activity and morphology, foot biomechanics and skin sensitivity. During the latter part of her PhD Jo was based at the University of Guelph. In that time she was involved in a collaborative project with the University of Salford investigating how mechanoreceptors on the sole of the foot respond to loads similar to those experienced in walking and another study on the influence of texture on joint position sense. Fine-wire EMG of the tibialis posterior was a fundamental part of Jo’s PhD thesis and the plan is to explore some of the methodological issues with fine-wire electrodes in a short term post doc with Dr. McLean. With a background and ongoing interest in gait and clinical biomechanics, Jo will also be involved in the work on running induced stress urinary incontinence in women that Marie-Ève Bérubé is conducting.

Dr. Rachel Luo Qiu

Visiting Researcher - Medical Doctor & PhD Student
Visiting Researcher - Medical Doctor & PhD Student2020 & 2021

Rachel.Luo Qiu received her medical degree and residency training at the second affiliated hospital of kunMing Medical University. She then completed her Physiatrist training at the department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation as well as the department of Neurology of the HuaShan Hospital of FuDan University in 2011. Rachel is currently a doctoral student at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Her doctoral study focus is on understanding the relationship between cerebral blood flow with neurodevelopmental disability in preterm infants. With a background in electroneurophysiology and ongoing interest in the neurophysiology of incontinence in women, she is working with Prof.McLean to further research in understanding urethral sphincteric and pelvic floor neurophysiology.

Beatriz Martin Arranz

Visiting Researcher - PhD Candidate
Visiting Researcher - PhD Candidate2019

Beatriz Arranz recieved her Bachelor’ degree in Physiotherapy in 2013 at the University of Alcalá (Spain). In 2014, she recieved her MSc in Manual Therapy in Musculoskeletal System. Since graduated, she has been combining clinical practice and postgraduate courses, primarily worked on therapeutic exercise and manual therapies. In 2016 she started the International PhD in Health Science, working in researching, teaching and clinical areas from Physiotherapy in Women’s Health Research Group in Spain. Her research focuses on pregnancy and postpartum muscular evaluation with ultrasound imaging and electromyography. Beatriz is presently carrying out a research stay with Dr. McLean team at the University of Ottawa within her PhD in their women’s health projects.

Merrill Pappin

Research Assistant
Research Assistant2017 & 2018

Merill joined the MFM team following her graduation from the Bachelor of Health Science program at the University of Ottawa. She continued to work with the MFM team through her first year of her Master’s of Physical Therapy from Queen’s University. We wish her the best with her career as a physiotherapist.

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